15 Nov DynamicHR is Hiring!

Interested in joining the DynamicHR team? We're looking for Payroll Specialists! Please see the description below, and if you're interested, feel free to reach out to our HR Manager Donna Pylar at Payroll Specialist Position Description Ensure accurate processing and recording of client’s payroll, provide timely and...

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27 Oct Did You Know – Then vs. Now

According to an article on Forbes, a lot has changed in the employee regulation realm over the years: There is 8.5 times more regulation per employee today than there was in 1950.  The article also states that while the economy has grown 700% since then, federal regulation has...

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25 Oct Politics at Work

Since it's election season, conversations around the office tend to turn to the presidential candidates and issues surrounding Election Day. Some light chatter here and there isn't too bad, but a big question is - what happens when your boss starts voicing his/her opinion? Well, according to...

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