10 Questions to Help You Run an Effective Meeting

23 Jan 10 Questions to Help You Run an Effective Meeting

By: Alyse Kalish for The Muse, picture by rawpixel on Unsplash 

Here’s a sad reality: Managers spend anywhere from 35% to 50% of their time in meetings, and yet executives consider over half of those meetings to be failures.

This isn’t that shocking. All too often we find ourselves in a brainstorming session that’s just a little too long, or not long enough, or confusing or frustrating or utterly unproductive.

There are several solutions, of course. We could cancel. We could reschedule. We could turn the meeting into an email chain or a Slack discussion.

Those are all appropriate steps in certain cases. But sometimes we need to actually make an effort to understand where our meetings are falling short and actively work to fix them. Because after all, we can’t just refuse to meet with people ever—nothing would get done.

If you’re looking for the culprit try asking yourself these questions, and apply these tips to run more effective meetings at work.

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