15 Bad Work Habits I’m Ditching This Year (and You Should, Too!)

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By: Jaclyn Westlake for The Muse

I used to love making big, dramatic new year’s resolutions. I’d promise to work out every day, stop eating junk food, or finally become fluent in Spanish. But eventually, I realized that I wasn’t so great at following through on my epic promises.

So these days, I try to keep my goals a little simpler.

In 2019, I’ve decided I want to focus on making my work life as happy and anxiety-free as it can be. So, I took an honest look at some of the less-than-desirable work habits I’ve developed over the years and reflected on how they might be holding me back, stressing me out, or making my workdays harder than they need to be. This yielded a pretty robust list!

Check out what bad habits I’m avoiding this year, and see if you’re guilty of them yourself.

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