17 Company Swag Ideas Employees Really Want

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By: Ashley Bell for Snacknation 

Some people say it’s the thought that counts.

Those people were not talking about company swag.

Lame, generic gifts could show your employees you don’t know them, doing more harm than no swag at all. Plus, company swag nobody wants is a giant waste of money.

Awesome, creative gifts, on the other hand, lead to good vibes and gratitude.

Here’s your guide to getting awesome corporate swag ideas employees really want.

1. Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard lets anyone with a smartphone and a simple viewer enjoy the futuristic joys of virtual reality (VR).

One of the few truly inexpensive ways to have fun with VR, the Cardboard experience centers around an innovative viewer designed to work with your smartphone.

There are a variety of ways to enjoy Google Cardboard, so you can offer it as kick-ass & unique company swag no matter what kind of budget you’re working with.

Why employees love it:

Since Google Cardboard is fuss-free enough for all users, everyone in your company will be jazzed to be part of the latest tech craze. Plus, employees can choose their own apps to truly customize their cardboard experience, so this swag really does cater to everyone.

Get this swag instead of…

  • Baseball caps featuring your company logo

2. Branded car mount for cell phones

Help employees stay safe and hands-free on their commutes by giving out branded cell phone car mounts. This simple, yet incredibly thoughtful, company swag is available in bulk, and you can customize colors and artwork.

Tip: Before you pass these out to the whole company, get a sample to test in your car to make sure it stays put.

Why employees love it:

Car mounts are awesome and helpful, but they’re items many people would never think to get themselves, making them perfect for company swag.

Many people will probably cite the mounts as the giveaway they use most often.

Get this swag instead of…

  • Phone cases no one will use

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