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By: Briana Carlesimo for DynamicHR

This week, I was lucky enough to escape the Michigan winter weather and head over to Phoenix, AZ for the Digital Summit! It was a great experience filled with learning and growing as a digital marketer, and I have pages & pages of notes from it. I thought I’d share some of my favorite tips and tricks from the conference for the next time you’re looking to up your digital game.

1. Email is still king

Remember when everyone thought email was dying? Flash forward to today, and I’ll bet you spent a good chunk of your morning going through your inbox. That’s a pretty solid indicator that email is not only still around, but still a main channel for marketing to utilize.

In fact, the ROI (or Return On Investment) for utilizing email marketing is $38 dollars in sales for every $1 spent! And what’s the best way to get the greatest engagement on your email campaigns? Try to follow these little tips when designing your next email:

  • Use your actual name and “from” your company name in the Sender information
  • Do not use columns (most people read their emails on their phones, so it’s too hard to see)
  • Use emojis in subject lines
  • Utilize gifs in your emails
  • Be human! Write like you’re a normal person having a conversation – don’t fill the text with jargon¬†

2. Utilize short videos

Did you know that the human attention span is around 5 seconds now? For a comparison, a fish’s attention span is 3 seconds… That means that when marketing your product or brand, you’d better get to the point real quick.

The videos that tend to do best are usually in the 1-30 second range, and as Facebook and YouTube ads get shorter, most videos are being shortened to the 1-15 second range. Using these videos, though, can increase your sales by almost 50%!

Thinking about getting involved with video ads? One place that we learned was still under-saturated for advertising was the realm of Connected (or Smart) TVs. During streaming on apps, whenever there is a commercial break, there needs to be an ad – it’s a perfect place to show your company’s video.

How do you go about creating a video, though? You can start by answering these 3 questions:

  1. Who do you want to reach?
  2. What do you want to tell them?
  3. What do you want them to do?

3. Invest in your blog

Or, I suppose, if you don’t have a blog – then get one. Consistently posting on your company’s blog not only benefits your SEO, but it also drives 54% more traffic and 80% more leads! You can utilize keywords within your blog titles and throughout the posts so that your posts pop up as reference pieces to people’s questions or concerns.

While posting about your company or products, you should always link back to different pages within your website. That allows people to be lead to different pages to learn more information as well as keeps them on your website for better site engagement.

As an author of your blog posts, you can position yourself as a source for people to lean on when they have questions. By using tools (like Keyword Planner and BuzzSumo), you can highlight the keywords involved with the conversations you’re trying to have and see how they perform socially.

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