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What matters most to your company at each stage of growth?

HR Guidelines by Number of Employees

When you first start a company, there’s a lot to think about. It’s exciting, but you’re trying to manage competing priorities. HR strategy may get lost in the shuffle, but it shouldn’t, because your HR will play a vital role in how your company grows. 

While you can probably get away with a less-than-defined HR strategy when you first start out, these policies and procedures can determine your fate as your business grows. For every size company, there are certain laws and regulations you must comply with or risk penalties. As your employee count increases, many of the things that were simply nice to have in the beginning become necessities.

We’ll cover the HR necessities for each stage of your company’s growth. This guide is organized by number of employees, so you can easily find where you currently are, and plan for where you want to be.

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