Politics at Work

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Since it’s election season, conversations around the office tend to turn to the presidential candidates and issues surrounding Election Day. Some light chatter here and there isn’t too bad, but a big question is – what happens when your boss starts voicing his/her opinion?

Well, according to an article on The Washington Post, he/she can actually say quite a bit at work without breaking any rules.

It is still legal for corporations to advocate for specific candidates when communicating with their rank-and-file employees. Private employers can distribute materials that tell all their workers the company’s positions on political issues. And if your boss were to send an email urging you to attend a rally for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton this weekend, because electing their favorite candidate is “essential for the future of the company,” legal experts say they would be within their rights.

Even though most employers won’t ever push their political beliefs, there are always those exceptions. To read the rest of the article, click here.

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