How to Handle Employees’ Social Media Posts

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A big question that arises now more than ever before is the issue of proper action to take with employees who outwardly voice their opinions on their personal social media profiles. Although the initial reaction could bring about thoughts of discipline or even termination, there are not many instances where that would be appropriate action. Thanks to Fisher & Phillips LLP, some of these questions and examples have been answered. According to them, you should be very careful before going after employees for their posts. A little excerpt highlights:

The NLRB [National Labor Relations Board] has ruled in favor of employees in some very egregious situations, including employees who made vulgar and profane posts involving their employers or their supervisors. In light of these decisions, you should think twice before disciplining an employee for an errant or obnoxious post.

For the rest of the article, click here to see an in-depth look at some of the circumstances for when it is appropriate to discipline an employee based on his/her social media posts. 

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